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Beth Crutcher Giacone is a 40 year mother to thirteen year old Joshua. She has suffered with a debilitating condition called ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) since her son was two years old. Beth is a native of Covington, graduating from Mandeville High in 1991 where she started her track career. She continued to run in College, where she had a scholarship to Louisiana Tech. She graduated from LSU Health Sciences Center in 1995. Beth was a licensed Physical Therapist for 6 years. Ironically, she treated pediatric as well as adult patients with neuro-­motor problems. There are many great words we can use to characterize Beth: kind-­hearted, generous, trustworthy, humble, thoughtful, intelligent, Christian, a loving mother, daughter and sister, and the list goes on.

After experiencing decreased coordination and weakness in her arms and legs, as well as loss of balance, Beth was diagnosed by Dr. Stanley Appel of Baylor Medical Center. Beth went from running to walking; to walking with assistance, to a wheel chair. She has difficulty speaking, eating, and even breathing. It is unfathomable to witness transformation of such a strong athlete into someone who now requires full care.

Beth’s spirit remains strong. Her perseverance, sheer determination and faith in God have been an inspiration to all. For those of you know Beth, she never asks “why me? Her smile and laughter are infectious; her courage, undeniable.

As the disease progresses so do the financial needs. Beth’s friends are joining together to find opportunities to help her and her family with the financial burdens this terrible disease has placed upon them.

We hope that you will join us in this effort and we thank you in advance for your support and prayers.

For more information on ALS, Click Here.


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